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Wide Area Network (WAN) Services  

No matter what is your business market or segment, we all require instant access to the data we need, no matter where we are located in the world. Whether it’s a retail operation with a chain of store, salesmen visiting a client, a branch office located 500km away or in another country, you will have a competitive advantage over your piers if you have instant access the latest pricelist, access to stock availability or that urgent email request from your customer. Our consultants will meet with you to ascertain your aspiration and requirements before offering you the most cost effective & efficient solution. We at Main Computers utilize the latest & most efficient technologies to get you connected to the information you need, while considering the security of company confidential data & after sales support.

Our wide area network implementations support clients located a few meters away to remote offices on the other side of the world, whatever is your requirement we have a solution to match your individual requirement & business segment.

  • Wide area network solutions utilizing VPN, Lease circuits, ISDN, Laser & Satellite links
  • WAN monitoring, trouble shooting & remote support.
  • SOHO / LAN to LAN and remote tele working installations
  • Staff training in the use of WAN & the advantages
  • WAN Security / backup testing and intrusion detection services
  • VoIP solutions for remote offices.
We provide all Wide Area Network Solutions
Vigor Broadband Router with Wi-Fi / VPN / Firewall