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Data Recovery

Hard drives and your valued data.

Having spent 20 years in the IT hardware field, I have seen my fare share of hard drive failures and I have to say that the issue is becoming more of a problem with the increase in drive capacity. Please follow these simple rules regarding hard drive & you’ll minimize the chance of data loss.

  • Back-up, back-up, I can’t say it often enough, if possible store important information on the company file server and ask the IT department the question “Is my data being backed up?”
  • Always use a reputable anti-virus solution and keep it updated, expired anti-virus software might make you feel protected, but it won’t stop that virus from destroying your files.
  • Notebook users, do not leave the power or network cables where they can be tripped over, it’s the most common cause of notebook hard drive failure, when the system falls from the table.
  • If your drive fails DO NOT attempt to tamper with it yourself, it’s a delicate machine and there is a 99% chance that you’ll make the defect worst & maybe impossible to recover.
  • Windows scandisk can resolve some minor issues, but can also corrupt the drive even more, better to take it to a specialist service center, unless scandisk is running after a bad system shutdown.
  • Use a reputable service center if you value your data, I’m always amazed at how many drives come to us after attempted repair by some back street computer shop. A hard drive is not a toaster or a washing machine so trust the specialist in this and you’re more likely to get your important information back.
  • If the service center commits in writing to recover your data, authorize them and get the work done, even if it’s not by us! It is often the case that what is recoverable today may not be recoverable tomorrow, so by trying to ‘shop around’ you stand the chance of losing all of your data forever.
  • Lastly, please always take a back up.

Mike Dillon – senior recovery specialist MCS UK.