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Wide Area Network

On-Site Support Services

Network fine tuning, troubleshooting and problem determination:  

The network infrastructure is the backbone of your IT system, physically connecting all your PC's, servers & shared resources. Inferior quality cabling & switches/hub can lead to slow data rates, random erratic network behaviour, servers crashing or workstations freezing. Main Computers expertise in network troubleshooting and problem determination will fine-tune your Microsoft networks. Networks are physically and logically mapped, thoroughly tested to diagnose problem areas, and appropriate cost-effective solutions are presented. Main Computers implement industry standard structured cabling, incorporating voice & data solutions, providing flexibility & reliability in your working environment.

  • Data Centre, Server room planning & implementation
  • Officewide structured cabling solutions
  • Additional network / telephone points for office expension
  • Recommend & configure network communication devices for optimum preformance
  • Installation & Monitoring
  • Remote off site support services via diap-up, VPN & telephony
We provide all Networking Solutions
Switchsed & Hubs
Print servers
Structured cabling
Server room enclosure