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Data Recovery

The white on black ‘None system disk error’ that appears on computer startup is one of the most feared computer errors known, if the computer can’t see the disk, then “where has all my data gone?” is the obvious question that comes to mind instantly. Support personnel & we technicians worry about this error more that any other as it might be a simple problem of a loose cable connection or it could mean a hard drive failure and the loss of all data contained within. Now the data might be a server boot drive supporting many email clients or a spreadsheet on a workstation containing a years worth of sales & receipts. In either case a hard drive failure can mean hours of downtime, frustrated clients and be a major disruption to your business, even having made a backup, you might still not be able to retrieve projects work on today.

Main Computers can help by offering preventative solutions to get you back up a running with the minimum of downtime. Or in the event of none-availability of back-up, we can offer our specialist in-house data recovery service, available for Windows, MAC Novell or Unix operating systems on 2’5” or 3’5” hard drive, CD media and all types of flash / memory cards.

We have our own dedicated in-house data recovery facility, staffed by specialist technicians to provide front line diagnostics & recovery, taking the utmost care of your valuable information.

How the service works:

Having ascertained that the drive is in-accessible, have the untampered drive or complete unit sent to our service center. Ensure that the drive is properly packaged & protected from shock. Ensure that you include information on your operating systems and critical files/folders to be recovered.

MCS will carry our a free of charge evaluation of the defective drive and advise in writing the likelihood of data recovery, lead-time to retrieve the data, time and materials costs involved.

We will await your written authorization before proceeding to recovery stage and the testing of documents for data integrity. During which time an alternate medium for data storage will be required.

* Personal notes on protecting data from the Senior recovery specialist MCS UK