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Laptops Repair Gulf is a division of Main Computer Services LLC -Dubai, in turn a member of UK based Main Computer Services Limited  - the power behind many of the major computer maintenance companies in the UK. If your laptop computer needs attention read on to discover our 3 steps to satisfying you with our service...

click here for step one to ur laptop repairBroken Laptop

We know that it's frustrating when your laptop breaks down and that you need a fast turnaround with a professional service. Your first concern will be to request an estimate for the repair. In some instances we can do this by telephone or via our Estimate Request Form  but in most instances we require the machine to be returned to us for inspection. Complete the Estimate Request Form now and take the first step towards getting your laptop back on the road or call us on +971 4 5148114/5 and ask for the Laptop Repair team.

click here for step twoSpecialist Packaging

Now it's time to organise the logistics; packaging, insurance, collection, receipt, estimate, repair and return. You will discover that the Laptop Repair team has earned its reputation for customer service excellence. A fully computerised administration system tracks every stage of the process from your enquiry through to the return of your repaired machine. Collection of your computer (for repair or estimate) is provided free of charge . You complete a simple form and leave the rest to us. We will collect from the office or from home

click here for step threeA delighted Customer

We will keep you informed of progress at every stage right up to the point when your computer is delivered back to you in fully working order. We always aim to set your expectations realistically and then exceed them. We will treat you like you would want a nurse or doctor to treat you if you had a close relative in hospital - we will keep you informed honestly and openly of progress throughout the process of making your computer healthy again!

Our verbal or written estimates submitted over the Internet are not valid for insurance claim purposes. Please read our Terms & Conditions before proceeding. Thank you.


Laptops Repair Gulf is a division of Main Computer Services LLC
PO Box 50267, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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